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Main » 2013 » June » 6 » Some people have a thing for words; some for numbers. Numbers have meaning for people
10:30 AM
Some people have a thing for words; some for numbers. Numbers have meaning for people
Some people have a thing for words; some for numbers. Numbers have meaning for people, and some are associated with people. For example, the number 23 is associated with one of basketballs greatest players, Michael Jordan. The number 365 is recognized as the number of days in a year, and a childs first birthday, birkenstock clogs or a couples 50th wedding anniversary, is always a special occasion. Numbers also figure in interesting facts about Japanese cars, especially for Toyota Motor Corporation. What are some of the numbers that Toyota feels strongly about?7000Toyota creates around seven thousand prototypes each yearit is from prototypes that the company comes up with new car models. Vehicle safety and crash testing, among other mechanical tests, are done on prototypes. These prototypes are continually improved until Toyota comes up with a safe and reliable Womens Birkenstock Larisa Sandals model to be mass-produced.5There are five senses of the human body. It is Toyotas belief that a sports car should be able to stimulate all five: sight (the cars design birkenstock sandals and interior components), smell (the scent of the tires and the brake pads after a long, challenging drive), touch (vehicle handling and shifting), hearing (engine soun and exhaust), and taste (the vehicles behavior and flavor).900Another interesting fact about Japanese cars is that they wouldnt have that rock-solid reputation for reliability without undergoing rigorous sets of tests in various road conditions. One of the tests Toyota conducts is the Rough Road Durability Test, where poor road conditions are recreated and through which cars are driven a total of 900 kilometers in a single day. This shows how capable Toyotas are even when faced with the most unfavorable driving conditions.80Part of Toyotas greening initiatives is adopting a new Ecological Plastic that is derived from plant sources. These materials are used for interior components that are usually subjected to frequent wear and tear, such as floor carpets and seat covers. The new plant-based plastic is now used for almost eighty percent of the interior component surfaces; the durability, thermal resistance, and stretch resistance are dramatically improved on these parts.1997This is the year that Toyota pioneered the mass-production of hybrid vehicles with the Prius. Hybrids use a combination of fuel and electricity to power up the engine, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and decreasing harmful carbon dioxide emissions.6Toyota coats its cars with six layers of paint to prevent deterioration from prolonged exposure to the sun. This is a little-known but interesting fact about Japanese cars by Toyota, and this is why their cars stay vivid and beautiful through the years.0.1Toyotas airbags take only 0.05 seconds to fully unfold; thats 0.1 seconds in total for deployment including deflation. This instantaneous reaction protects passengers from injury during emergencies. Whats more interesting is that the human eye blinks between 0.1 and 0.3 secondsairbag deployment is actually faster than the blink of an eye!70,000,000Toyotas hybrid vehicles (approximately 4 million units sold as of April 2012) have contributed to lessening the volume of carbon dioxide emissions. Compared to emissions from purely gas-powered vehicles, Toyotas eco-cars have reduced emissions by about twenty-six billion tonsequivalent to seventy million drum cans.Toyotas special numbers gave us some interesting facts about Japanese cars manufacture, history, product philosophy, and even environmental contribution. Were sure other auto manufacturers have their own special numbers as well!

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